Wednesday, March 4, 2009


J.D. and Gorg at Soundwave Brisbane

Seth (The Audition) and Brambles at Soundwave Brisbane.

Saves the Day.

Gorg staring into the middle distance.

Crowd for Valencia at Brisbane Soundwave.

A small amount of people watching NFG.


Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio)

Chris GoogleyElmo (Bayside)

A plane full of bands. J.D. is stoked.

Flying over the outback.

Me and Brambles room in Sydney. Straight out of the future/IKEA.

Backpackers are awesome.

Speak no evil. See no evil. Hear no evil.

Sydney train stop at Central Station.

Central Station.

A bridge you can climb and some boats.

A weird guy at Sydney Harbor.

Where the kids go to get freaky.

Australian architecture is pretty cool.

Gotta get the Opera House.

Gotta get the shot of me, Gorg, and Brambles in front of the Opera House.

Oh god, sea sick.

More Opera.

A lizard. These things are like squirrels in NJ.

Gorg and some trees.

More trees and Gorg.

uhhhhhh Brambles?

Gorg and the only Koala I saw.

The Only koala I saw.
Steve Garret and Josh (Bayside Crew)


Scary amusement park.

Me in the hotel.

Gotta get a snap of the shitty Vegemite. Thanks Peta Murray.

Underoath. Hardest rockin dudes on soundwave.

Aaron (Underoath)

Ian (NFG) is a golden god.

Chad (NFG) playin' for some kids.

Cyrus (NFG) is a golden god.

Steve (NFG) sitting on the drum monitor.

Cyrus is jacked.

Mad kids on stage.

Saves the Day.

Chris Connely (STD)

Long nights=Short mornings.

The only real kangaroo I saw.

Australian architecture.

Brambles and some roos.

Kangaroos hoppin down the street.


A normal looking building.

Little guy.


The Dudesons with a little girl in front of the chemists.

The "handstand man".

Bon Scott (AC/DC)

Back in BLACK!

Oh hey, Gorg.

Our Australian TM, Shannon. Godsend.

Just the Indian Ocean.

Indian Ocean. No big deal.

Just Gorg and the Legendary John Cheese waiting for the flight to LA.

I love Australia so much. I should've taken more pictures but whatever. Looking forward to going back. AUSTRALIA, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

This is how I ranked the cities.
1. Melbourne
2. Sydney
3. Brisbane
4. Perth
5. Adelaide

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