Sunday, February 15, 2009


Brambles, Luis (secret handshake, Wapner

I see you, Gorg

Emo's in Austin




Brambles, Wapner, Gorg

Wapner shreddin'

I hate salad. Great sign.


Some good memories back in the Pi days.

Gorg is a gear head.

Brambles at the wheel

Self timer. Boredom.


Southern people are crazy.

Colonel Wapner.

uhhhh Brambles.

Good ol' open road.

Wapner says everyone takes this picture. I couldn't disappoint Wap.


Really long train.

Abandoned car in the desert.

Brambles default.

Great windmills.

More crazy windmills

Live Shots.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Wapner with the best merch diplay.

AVP right before they went on.

Joe from AVP

Jason AVP

Picture at 4 am in the van. Pitch black. Look at Gorg.

"The City Beautiful

This is the best picture to sum up Max's feelings about touring.

This place was a shit hole.

Me, Brambles, and Gorg.

George never sleeps in a bed, so I had to get a picture of it.

We stayed at a Disney hotel and this was taken outside of my hotel room.

Delray beach.

The venue in Delray Beach.


Gorg at the Love Shack.


AVP and Wapner. Look at Wapner's face. He's a weird dude.

More Delray.

Interviews happen.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


The Masquerade in Atlanta sharing the stage with Cattle Decapitation and Soilwork.


Walking through Atlanta

While eating at Chipotle, George was hiding in the corner watching last night's episode of Lost.

Yo Brambles, chew with your mouth closed.

Brambles chowing down with AVP

3 in a row.

So Wapner was up all night doing laundry and waking everybody up. So in the morning while he was sleeping, I put an old sock that we found under the bed at the hotel on him.

Nickfit came to visit me in Richmond. WHAT A GUY!

Whenever I see this I always think of Neverending Story.